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Kirloskar Electric Co.Ltd.

Crompton Greaves Ltd.

You Buy,

We Care.

Dealing in spares for AC motor Kirloskar, Crompton Greaves, ABB, Siemens, NGEF, ALSTOM etc.

AC motor, DC motor, AC generator, Transformer and all types of parts.

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AC/DC motor spares:

Terminal Plates, Cooling Fan, Fan Cover, End Shield, Bearing Caps, Rotors, Slipring, Brush Holders, Studs, Greasing Nipples Carbon Brush, Brush Holders, Commutators, Blower, Air Filter etc.

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AC Generator Spares:

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Automatic Voltage Regulator [AVR], Diodes, Surge Suppressors, Cooling Fans, Terminal Plates etc.

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Transformer Spares:

HV & LV Bushing with hardware, Silica Gel Breather, Radiators, Force Cooling Arrangement, PRV, Tap Switches, Radiator Valve, Magnetic Oil Level Gauge, Oil Level Indicator, Gasket Sets, Bucholz Relay, OTI & WTI etc.

Bimetal Plates:

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Copper & Aluminum Bimetal Plates in max 15mm thickness. Bimetal Washers in various sizes suitable to socket / 1ng sizes available.

FRP Products:

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FRP canopies for motors, FRP boxes as per custom requirements.

Exhaust Fans (Heavy Duty):

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Marathon make formaly know as ALSTOM.

Available in 300,380,450,610,915 mm single and three phase

Special Products and Services:

We undertake any type of electro mechanical jobs as per customer requirements such as making of terminal boxes for motors, Force cooling arrangements for power transformers, Modification of any electrical machine, Sort out of any repeated termination problems, FRP boxes suitable to any electrical application, Attending problems of AC,DC motors, Transformers, and alternators.